The power of praying together.

Early one Sunday morning in London in the late 1800s, before the church services had started, Charles Spurgeon gave a visiting friend a tour of his church building, known as the Metropolitan Tabernacle. The visitor was as fascinated with the building and architecture as he was in the spiritual endeavors of the church. At one point, he asked Spurgeon, “How is it that you have had such a successful ministry in this place for so long, and which has drawn such multitudes of people?” Spurgeon replied that it was all due to the furnace in the basement. The stunned man asked to see this marvelous furnace, unable to imagine how and why such an appliance would have that affect. Spurgeon took him to the basement, where they found early on a Sunday morning, no less than 1000 people gathered for prayer, and he declared, “Behold the furnace of the church!”
 "A Praying Church" by Dennis Gundersen

At RiverWind Church we believe like Spurgeon did.  That praying together as a church accesses in a unique way the power of God's Spirit.  We believe that if we want to see change in our families, our church, and our community it all starts with prayer

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